Setting Intentions for the New Year

2017 is almost upon us and, after losing several talented artists over the last year, I'm sure most people are with me when I say "I AM READY." For me, the new year brings a sense of hope, opportunity, a sense of adventure, and the chance to make a fresh start. I always get a feeling of renewed energy and this year is no different.

When you start to set your intentions for the year I invite you to ask yourself how you would like to FEEL, THINK, and BE.

I intend to think about progress instead of perfection.

I intend to be open and ready for new opportunities that come my way.

I will make kindness and gratitude the focus of my encounters with others.

Here are a few self-reflective inquiries to ask yourself as you set your intentions for the new year.

1. What do I want to be different?

2. What are my strengths and how can I use them to help me make a positive change?

3. What do I want to be doing more of?

4. What do I want to be doing less of?

5. What feelings do I need to embrace/let go of to help me move forward?

The final step in setting intentions is visualizing your success. When you can picture yourself  achieving something, it is much easier to see the path that will take you there.

Find a quiet spot where you will 5-10 minutes of uninterrupted time. Seat yourself comfortably and focus on taking deep breaths. Think about the intentions you created for the new year. Imagine having already achieved your goals. How does it make you feel?